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Process Documentation

New sales team members needed to get up to speed quickly in time for a vendor show where they would be gathering leads for new clients and providing samplings of the product. Sales cheat sheet.

Process Documentation

Gathering information for people, process and performance is not linear. I was assigned a request to update our onboarding with the goal of decreasing the number of people who quit within the first 6 months of starting the job at the company from 87% to 50%. The first task was to establish the RACI. Who is Responsible, Accountable, Consult or Inform?

For this project the Chief Human Resource Officer was the decision maker for the Human Resources strategic plan. Many people were responsible for different parts of the onboarding process so I mapped out the process and how each party interacted with the onboarding process. I also identified who needed to be consulted, but may not be directly involved in the process. In this case, I included legal and communications as the main groups to consult. Managers and many of the HR professionals needed to be informed periodically as solutions were implemented.

I had already done a bit of this as I was completing the RACI and mapped the process, but I needed to add more. I needed to do some benchmarking with other companies on their process and review existing resources supporting the onboarding process.

The main question : why are so many people quitting in the first place? I had data from exit interviews, but it was very limited due to confidentiality concerns and did not assist with identifying areas of concern. Through the benchmarking information I gathered, the existing resource and goals provided by the CHRO, I developed an initial survey. I collaborated with the VPs from each business division to tweak the onboarding survey of questions pinpointing different areas of concern. Portions of the survey was sent to new employees at critical timeframes of the onboarding process. These also became the expectations for superiors and managers as they onboarded new employees.

The surveys did not uncover what the CHRO expected. In fact the results were so uncomfortable, the VPs in each business area wanted to change the questions. In one area of the business, the main issue was the instability of schedules. In another area, it was unclear expectations and no leadership direction for the role. We also fixed process inefficiencies and provided more guidance for managers for onboarding new employees.

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