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Are your training resources and software effective?

What if you are wasting time, money and resources on training and software? If you are trying to increase employee performance, this may be true. When there is an issue or change initiative, the most common answer is training or software. Don’t get me wrong, there are instances for training new skills and making a job easier with software. It is not the first place to start. Ninety percent of the time training and IT initiatives have the worst return on investment. They are the most expensive and the least impactful solution to influencing performance.

If employees can say any of the following, training and software will do very little to impact performance.

  • I have to go into so many systems and procedures to do one process, it’s difficult to remember everything I have to do.

  • I cannot tell you what is expected of me in my role or how I’m measured.

  • No one checks the notes I put into the system, so why bother?

  • There are so many changes all the time, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing.

  • I don’t know who to go to for help when I need it.

  • I don’t always have access to what I need to complete my tasks when I need it.

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