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Sales Training | What is the GAP?

“My sales team isn’t documenting their sales in the system. I don’t know if they are focusing on the right products. We need more sales training!”

I ask a LOT of questions because I’m naturally a curious person and I had many when I received this request. I have learned many models from performance consultants in the industry, but I like to keep it simple. I’ve come up with a GAP acronym to boil it down to one question for each part.

  1. Goal – What is the business goal you are trying to achieve?

  2. Audience – Who needs to achieve the business goal?

  3. Performance – What are the tasks do they need to perform?

What was the GAP for the sales training?

  1. Goal – Increase sales forecasting accuracy.

  2. Audience – Sales team was primary, but the forecasting, marketing and sales leaders were directly impacted by the success of the business goal.

  3. Performance – Enter sales data into the system within 48 hours of obtaining a commitment to purchase products.

From there I consult with leaders about the GAP between current and desired state of the business. In this case, the process was streamlined and leadership followed up with the sales team on their entries. For the first time in the company's history, they did not run out of product during their most busy time of the year.

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