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Process Documentation, Training, & Change Management

Process Documentation

Performanc Consulting

My customer service team is getting a lot of complaints, they need more training to improve customer service.


For this customer service team, we did a task analysis of the role and found the process for resolving complaints complex and difficult to follow. We reviewed current state process tasks and streamlined the process to meet the desired performance goals.

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Training is practicing a skill. Once a skill has been identified, we will conduct a needs assessment to gather information about the learners and define the learning objectives. We design and develop in an iterative manner with the goal of creating the most impact in the least amount of time possible. 


For example, employees may need to practice selling a product to a client. The first iteration may be a cheat sheet resource any employee can use right away. If more is needed, the second iteration may be scenarios to use with the resource. A third iteration may be a course that provides practice using both resources.

Iteration 1 - Performance support example only

Questions for potential customer
Needs this product fulfills
Hiking poles
Adjustable poles Lightweight
What types of hiking trails do you prefer?
Hikers needing support for balance

Iteration 2 - Performance support example only

Scenario: Raul is traveling to Colorado for his first hiking experience and wants to get some gear in preparation for the hike. When would you offer the hiking poles as an option to this potential customer?

Iteration 3 - Outline example only

Learning Objectives: 

  • Match products to customer needs. 

  • Ask a customer questions to determine product needs. 


Introduction: I just started at ABC company as a salesperson. I’m so excited to get started. Let’s start with matching products to customer needs then we can have a conversation with a few customers to determine the best products for them.


Activity: Matching activity of products to needs. 


Activity: Scenario where the customer is greeted, the learner chooses a question to ask the customer, the conversation unfolds as a branching scenario and guides the learner to the correct choice.

Change Management

Learning any new skill, process or software involves a change in behavior. We map out the difference between current state and desired state. We collaborate to identify the benefits of the change and how each role will be impacted. 


  • What is the change?

  • What are the differences between current state and future state?

  • Which positions are impacted?

  • How is each position impacted?

  • How does the change impact the expectations of each position?

  • What is the main concern for each position about the change?


We show the benefits of the change, communication plan to address the concerns of each role and how to deliver each of the messages.

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Chng Managment
If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.


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